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We are a home cleaning services company established in 2007 in Pattaya city.
We are operating cleaning services in the Pattaya area from Laemchabang to Bangsaray. We can provide 1 to 10 cleanning technicians / project.
Our office is located on Soi Siam country club at 250 M from the sukhumvit (on the right site coming from Sukhumvit) just opposite to the purple Siam Commercial insurances building.
Whenever you are looking for cleaning services, you should primarly consider working with well established companies. There are plenty of good freelance cleaners in Pattaya, but not all of them are trust worthy!

Our office at Siam country club




Our cleaning services are as follow :

General home cleaning : Floors, Ceilings, walls,dusting, kitchen, bathroom... Depending on the size of your property we can provide regular cleaning teams. The minimum fee is 449B for one time with one person. However we recommand at least 2 peoples (more cost effective due to reduced rate and continuity of service)

Spring cleanning (Once or twice a year deep cleaning).

After construction or renovation, first cleaning : This first cleaning is usually more time consuming than regular cleaning. The big dirt needs more attention but also tiny cement residues cleaning or painting spots. Ceramic tiles may also require an initial polishing...

Surface cleaning or waxing :
Depending on the surface, we will supply specialist equipment. In many cases it is necessary the clean/ rinse very carefully the floor before applying any new chemical. This is to avoid any interaction between the remaining chemical (from previous cleaning) and the current chemical. Cleaning or waxing (applying a top layer on the floor) shall not be confused with polishing where by the glossy aspect is given by the stone itselfs and not any chemical Stone polishing (marble, granite...)

Stone or marble polishing requires special care, special chemical and specialized machinery. It is time consuming and usually charged by SQM. In any case, let us see your project first and we shall give you an estimate Commercial windows, showroom and offices cleaning :

Glass cleaning requires expertise and showroom, perfect cleanliness

Curtains cleaning : We would come to your place to pickup the curtain and bring it back in a couple of days. The pricing is quiet easy as we bill by square meter from 150B/SQM to 250B/ depending of the kind of material.

Carpet cleaning : We have a specialized machine for carpet cleaning. This makes the task a lot easier. We can clean small carpets as well full carpet floor.

Matress cleaning against acarian and stain : We have developped our own technics to clean matresses (inside) and to kill, suck out acarians and mites sleeping with you! We also can remove superficiel stain on the mattress

Outside cleaning : Yard, pathway, balconny, all can be cleaned with high pressurized water jet (+100 bar/1500 PSI) and/or polishing machine.

Light gardening : Gardening is not our primary business but light gardening can be included in any scheduled cleaning

Yacht cleaning : We also have experience with yacht cleaning with many projects performed at the Ocean Marina. This is basically yacht interior cleaning (carpet, sofas, vinyl, roof...)

To request a free estimate or schedule a cleaning please contact us preferably with our contact form



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